Do you listen to music at work? If no, why not? And if yes, what do you listen to? Aeder&#39;s Tree Service Was Founded Back in 2008 By Mr.Aeder , At The Age Of 27. After Being Laid Off From Working At The V.G.C Yard in Saginaw,MI He Decided To Venture Off On His Own And Start His Own Business. Bobby Didn’t Have Much At The Beginning Just An Old Pick-Up Truck, a Hand Saw, And 3 Employees. The Third Employee Was His Wife. He Set Out Looking For Jobs In The Saginaw,MI Area. That Was 2 Years Ago, And His Business Prospered Steadily From The Beginning.<br/> <br/> There Were Occasional Tough Times But He Quickly Learned That If He Gave The Customer More Than They Expected And Did Everything As a Professional He Would Survive. Bobby Never Took One Customer For Granted And Was An Incredibly Honest And Fair Man. His Motto Was, “Treat Every Customer As If They Were Your Only Customer,” And That Was The Foundation Our Company Was Built On.<br/> <br/> The Business Continued To Grow Through The Years . Throughout Those Years Bobby And His Wife Worked Together Building The Company Into What It Is Today, Not To Say That They Didn’t Run Into The Occasional Obstacle To Overcome. In 2009 The Founder Mr.Aeder.<br/> <br/> Over The Past 2 Years Our Business Has Earned a Well Known Reputation For The Humanitarian Efforts And Charity Work We’ve Contributed To Our Area. We Have Worked Hand And Hand With Numerous Municipalities Throughout The Saginaw, MI Bay Area Assisting Homeowner’s That Are Less Fortunate With Hazardous And Dangerous Tree Removal Or Just To Bring Their Property Up To Code Standards.<br/> <br/> Though Our Company Will Expanded Over Time, We Still Remain a Family Affair. Over 10 of our employees have been with the Company For Nearly 2 Years. years Will Passed Now; However Our Efficiency, Politeness, And Professionalism Have Not. We Go All-Out To Encourage Customer Satisfaction To Become a Part Of Our Employee’s Desire.<br/> Please Feel Free To Contact Us Or Request An Free Estimate.<br/> Call (989) 233-0051<br/>